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    Taiko in Japan

    Taiko literally means 'big drum' in Japanese, it is the name of the drum and also of the activity itself.
    Taiko already exists for more than 2000 years in Japan, in the old days the drums were used in the temples to attract the god's attention, on the battlefield, or between villages as a means of communication.

    Taiko as a modern form of percussion was born in the 20th century, after a slow start in Japan it is now very popular and even taught at school.
    In Japan there are about 10'000 taiko groups, of which only about ten on a professional level.

    Taiko in Belgium

    Taiko entered Belgium in the 21st century, with lessons and workshops given by Belgians and foreigners since 2001.
    Taiko is slowly but surely gaining recognition because of the 2 yearly concerts by Japanese groups like Kodó, Yamato, Tao, Dadadadan Tenko, etc, and of course because of the enthousiasm of Belgian taikogroups who work very hard to introduce this dynamic form of drumming to the Belgian public.

    Purpose of the BTF

    The Belgian Taiko Federation gathers information about Taiko and offers this objective information to private persons and companies.The BTF looks after the interests of her members and organises lessons and workshops with international teachers.
    The BTF forges and nurses bonds with the Nippon Taiko Foundation and several other European Taiko Federations and Foundations.

    E-mail : info@taiko.be

    Members of the Federation


    Tátake! is Japanese for 'Hit it' and this is the apt credo of this very dynamic Taiko group! Tátake!-Taiko gives weekly lessons and workshops in her own Japan Centre in Zoutleeuw, in Ghent and Antwerp and also on several other locations in Flanders.
    The professional concertgroup consisting of 6 members gives demonstrations and exciting shows with taiko and many other traditional Japanese instruments on demand. Tátake!-Taiko is in close contact with the Belgium-Japan Association and the Japan Cultural Centre npo.

    website : www.tatake-taiko.be

    E-mail : info@tatake-taiko.be
















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